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  “Bridge Fishing”  Snapper Creek $4,500.00 “No Name Key” 16 x 21″ $5,170.00 “Lonely House”  14 x 20″  For Sale by Owner “Fishing Solid Water” 14 x 20″  – For Sale by Owner

#205 – Yacht Basin Bridge 1968

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  #205 – Yacht Basin Bridge, 1968 Measurements inside mat:  13 1/2 x 9 1/2″, including frame, mat, glass and fixtures $750.00 plus actual shipping, handling and insurance* *Insurance is optional, but highly recommended

Tournament Action!

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For Sale by Owner $6,500.00 For more information see our “Originals For Sale” Page This original painting was done in 1972 at the beginning of Millard Wells’ career as an artist.  This painting holds charm in so many ways.  The almost cartoon-like charicature of the Tarpon jumping is a trait of Dad’s earlier paintings – […]

The Intruder

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This signed Remarqued Artist’s Proof is perhaps the only known copy I’ve seen of this print besides a 3 x 6 note card.

Martha Spence Collection

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Now that this collection is published, I hope that Martha will write in and tell all about these wonderful pieces and what stories are behind them all.


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Seagrapes Note Cards    

A Vision Of Light

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This is from a collection of Limited Edition Note Cards printed up by Millard and Jeanne.  Pineapple Press used a cropped close-up of this image in a publication for a yet unbuilt, perhaps scrapped building project called “The Colony,” which was supposed to be built in the Florida Keys.  A copy of the original work […]

Let There Be Light

September 3, 2009 by  
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Millard recalls this indelible experience in other works that include “Electric Summer,” (which is available in our Prints Collection.  The print is 14×18″ and sells for $250 plus tax and shipping) and “Electric Moment”, part of a private collection featured in “Florida Keys Impressions“.   In the book’s chapter, “An Angler’s Paradise”, “The Silver King” details his story of fishing the […]

Electric Summer

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Millard fondly recalls this memory in his book, Florida Keys Impressions, when fishing the Islamorada Tarpon Tournament with legendary Keys guide, Will Mead.  After 5 days of blind casting in stormy weather, a silver king stikes and leaps as the sun suddenly breaks thru the clouds.

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