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The Day Begins – new low price

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Newly added Millard Wells Originals!!

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Newly added – #1822 – Pelican Pie’ce de Re’sistance,” size 7 x 14″ framed, matted, with glass and fixtures $2000.00  

Newly Listed Bonefish in Mangroves!

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#4448 – San Pedro 18 x 20

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#4448 – San Pedro 18″x 20″ SOLD We only have one more left of this Church and when they’re gone the only option will be resale and so far no one has wanted to resell their Millard Wells’ impression of San Pedro Church  

#753 Key West #2 1973

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#753 Key West #2, 1973 The owner of this painting wrote in wanting to know the value.  It’s 14 x20″ and if you recognize it you should be in contact with me.  The owner wanted to have it appraised.  I wouldn’t take less than $7,000.00 for it,  personally.  I was 13 when this was painted […]

#1A – "The Red Head"

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This is a slide we have of a painting done in 1967 on Dad’s first trip to the Florida Keys where he stayed with Bud Zender.  Bud wouldn’t take any money from Dad for staying at his little efficiency place, so Dad gave him this painting.  Bud passed away in 2001 and he was a […]

Will Mead on Four Winds Beach

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This painting is an oil, one that was commissioned by Dick Avery as a gift to Will Mead and his 2nd wife, Sylvia for their wedding in 1973.  This is Will walking down Four Winds Beach with is fishing pole — a familiar site in the 70’s and 80’s I’m sure. This card is still […]

Solomon Bradman’s Painting

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Now I’d always thought that this painting was another painting of the Pink House, but to my shock and delight it’s a painting of the view from the pink house.  Now Sol, you must agree that Daddy was kind regarding the tidal pool.  I can remember some tourist or other coming over onto the property […]

Gingerbread Pen and Ink

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Dad loved these old homes and did this pen and ink as a limited edition note card.  This is my copy.  These may be available for purchase.

Florida Keys Impressions

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Famed watercolorist Millard Wells offers his unique impressions of the Keys, with their blend of Caribbean cultures, interesting architecture, lush vegetation, laid-back attitude, and beautiful tropical marine enironment.

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