Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Millard Wells Prints

 A Florida Keys Legacy – $350.00

Supplies on this are limited and there are no signed copies

Size:  14 x 20″


Size 14″x18″ $250.00


size 14″x20″ – $195.00



Size 21″x29″ – $350.00



Size 14″x20″ – $175.00



Size 12″x16″ – $175.00



Size 12″x16″ – $595.00 **(Trilogy)



Size 8″x18″ – $150.00



Size 11″x16″ – $95.00


Size 12″x16″ – $175.00



Size 14″x20″ – $350.00


No signed prints available, only numbered of this particular print. 

Buyer must pay actual shipping charges  for whatever shipping provider they wish to use.  Unless specified each print will be mailed in a crush-proof mailing tube, insured for the amount of  the purchase plus tax if you live in the State of Arkansas, plus actual shipping and insurance cost (unless otherwise specified).
The sizes given beneath each print are the image sizes only.
Also if you wish to purchase prints please contact me at (251) 327-7077 or email me at for further information.  If checks are approved they must be made payable to Wells Gallery, LLC or they WILL NOT be accepted.
SHIPPING CHARGES:  shipping charges will be calculated by whichever shipping company you wish to use.  The Buyer will have to provide a pre-paid shipping label with insurance so that the carrier will package and be responsible for the safe arrival of the art on all framed, matted pieces with glass and fixtures.  If you’re purchasing a print that has no glass or fixtures the shipping will be calculated plus insurance, if you wish *highly encouraged* at the time of shipping and we’ll bill you for that cost under separate cover.

Thanks for looking!

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