Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Buy Millard Wells Art

Payments:   If you see something you like please call me at (251) 327-7077 anytime and please leave a detailed message and your phone number.  I will respond as soon as possible or e-mail me at  If you have questions about a painting, appraisal on a work you wish to sell or a print you have you want valued, please include JPG photos of your works.  Appraisals are $25.00.  Any checks you send with photos of your works must be cleared before appraisals are shipped and please don’t forget to include your mailing address.


Buyer must pay actual shipping charges for whatever shipping provider they wish to use.  We suggest you chose your favorite carrier and get a pre-paid shipping label with insurance.  We can provide you with size information and weight.  The carrier usually makes and open-ended label.  We take the artwork to the carrier with the label and they take over from there.  Most people choose Federal Express, but UPS is also fine.

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