Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Paul Wells Art

Paul-Millard-JonThis is Paul, Millard and Jon in about 1967 or so.

Card Size Painting 1982The Letter “R” 1982, and yes! Paul, I would like to see the rest of the Alphabet.   Maybe at least “W” for my Birthday?

Paul Painting 1

For Wendy (insert Date after trip to Livingroom)

Paul Painting 2Wendy’s Paul (insert Date here)

Paul Painting 3David said in a letter to mom once, “I just like writing on paper bags.”   They make for great canvases, too.  I like to paint on them myself, although I have no paintings on them right now…

Paul Wells 4-Sep-89Beautiful!!!

Paul Wells 11-Sep-89

Robert?  Are you missing these?  No worries mate,  they’re going in the mail.  I don’t even know how I got them, but as you can see they wound up here for a reason.  ((((Rob))))

Paul Wells - green eaten away in spotsWhen I opened this envelope up (me, Wendy) a fat (FAT) little silverfish crawled out.  As you can see it liked green paint — see that?  He survived the termite tenting apparently (of Dad’s house) inside your envelope with plenty of green paint to eat.  Can you say photoshop?  Or shall we send it back for retouching?  Paul says that this is not a bug that ate the paint — it flaked off.  Either way it’s gorgeous.

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