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David Wells Art

Mouse and David 3-20-81Me and David Wells at my wedding in 1982, Mobile Alabama

This is my big, brother David.  The oldest kid in our family.  My wedding cost a total of about $1,000 in 1981.  That included my dress, Jo (my sister’s dress) and Carla’s (my maid of honor),  dresses, all the tuxedos, the flowers, the rehearsal dinner, the reception and the after the wedding dinner because Mom and Daddy paid for that.  David and his wife at the time, Linda, Robert, Maggie (Rob’s wife) with the permission of Springhill College President Tipton and our own Father Albert Steve Foley, SJ (RIP) picked all the best flowers of Spring from the SHC campus (absolutely a gorgeous place to work and I worked there for years) and decorated the church and the reception hall.  It was GORGEOUS.  We had Azaleas, Camelias, Bridal Wreath, Baby’s breath, and streamers everywhere.

David also “enriched” the bar and made a regular throw down celebration out of the whole thing.  Who could ask for more?  And I didn’t even have to ask.  I love you David.  This is my favorite photo I think.  Paul if you could only have been there, too with Nancy and Jon and Dawn it sure would have topped it off,  but there were lots of family occasions I couldn’t attend and so I totally understood.  Below is David’s wedding that I attended….several years before and our father, Millard Wells.

David and Dad

I’ve admired these two men all my life:   my brother David Wells and our Father, Millard Wells.   Both of these men are extraordinary artists and this is David’s page.   The cute chick in the red dress with the strawberry blonde hair is my sister-in-law, Maggie.  She has amber colored eyes.  Robert (her husband and my brother) always had a thing for the little red-haired girl and that is Maggie Mearns if there ever was one.  And Rob — you don’t not resemble Charlie Brown just a tad if for no other reason than being “wishy-washy.”  I guess that makes me “Lucy.”  ((((((((((((Muah))))))))))) to all of you.


Print 1 DEW

Print 3 DEW

Print 6 DEW

Print 5 DEW

Print 4 DEW

Print 9 DEW

Print 8 DEW

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Painting 1 DEWThis one is mine (: )).  Thanks David.  XOXO Mouse

I miss you, David.  xoxo Mouse

Airplane 2 DEW

Airplane 3 DEW

Airplane 6 DEW

Airplane 4 DEWAirplane 5 DEW

Airplane 8 DEW

Airplane 9 DEW

Airplane 10 DEW

Airplane 11 DEW

Airplane 12 DEW

Airplane 13 DEW

There’s plenty more where this came from.  I’ve been busy, but  if anyone has any of David’s art,  please send me a photo and I’ll put it up here.  You can e-mail me at  I’m so proud of all my peeps~ WJ

Just when you thought that was the end…………

Brave Heritage DEW 1998

Darlington Country Store DEW 1996

General Store and Garage DEW 1996

Glowing in Glory DEW 1999

In Harmony With All  DEW 1994

Main Street North DEW 1996

Millstone Farm DEW 1998

Rising from the Snow DEW 1998

Still Friends after the Storm DEW 1996

Sunday Sentinel with Bells DEW 1996

Sunnyside of Mainstreet DEW 1997

Main Street South DEW 1996Courtesy of Frank and Joan Garrett

Paul's House by DEWI found this in a stack of Dad’s things, but here it is from Dave, to Paul, To Daddy for Father’s Day.  Painted by David (the original, in 1981).

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