Friday, January 28, 2022

2nd Annual Millard Wells Days Celebration

Art Walk

Bobbie Sue, Wendy & Valerie

Nice Display Kelly

Dave Purdo & Wendy Wells Sage – long time no see, Dave.

In front of Chef Michael’s.  Thanks so much for the Toast to Daddy!

Wendy:  Can you say “reservation?”  My son can.  Next year we’ll make one.

Say hello to the happiest person on the whole wide planet – Frank Shaw:  we love you and your sister, Linda.  Thanks for being around and hope to see you all next year!

From the back, MoradawayBetsy, my brother (in law) Tony, my sister Joel, me, Linda (Frank’s sister) and Valerie Barth …

Welcomed Friends – Tammie:  so good to see you!  My husband and I doing “Art Walk.”

Our long-time family friend, Dan Lawler.  Thank you so much for being with us this year.

Will you look at that sky going on behind our friends at Chef Michael’s?  Thanks for donning the Red Neckerchiefs.

Betsy – thank you so much.  Hopefully next year my sister and I can put some elbow grease in and help!

Dick Haygood:  You’re the man.  We love you.

A toast to Millard Wells.  May his Art, love of community and his spirituality live on forever….

and then came the rain…..

Open Mike night on Morada Bay Beach….

Kicking off the stories of Millard Wells….

Long time Florida Keys Celebrity Al Pfleuger with Tony Santana and myself.  Hang in there, Al and thank you so much for showing up.  It was a short-lived, but beautiful evening with friends of Dad.

My beautiful daughter Callie and her Daddy walking out onto the beach at Morada Bay.

Millard Wells’ Daughters….

Corinne (MARC) and Sue and Gary Ellis…

Dad’s Pro Am Buddie and Dick Haygood

Corinne, Sue and Gary…..

Our View courtesy of The Fabulous Florida Keys out in front of Morada Bay and Pierre’s – looks like a Millard Wells Painting or Photo if I ever saw one, but this one was courtesy of Dianne Astin Nahas.  Thanks so much for the great photos.

A good photo….help me with names here, Dick……

One of our most interesting topics the 18th Pro Am….

The Commission of Pierre and O’bert wind surfing to Alligator Light

The Story Board……

Pasta Pantaleo – without whom this may never have happened…..

The picture constantly changing……….what a view.  The reflection almost seems to be saying something…

One more share from Capt. Gary Ellis….

The gift of a gorgeous sunset to wrap up the event of the evening…..

The Museum at Islander

Bust of Millard Wells by Cindy King to be cast in Bronze……

That’s it for today on this page.  I’m going to have to have some help with names and some contributions of photos from Betsy’s end because my photographer had to leave and my camera died.   oYG the things that happen when a person is out of town……

Love you all and ……..definitely more to come…

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