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Ed Rea’s Fly Fishing Fantastique 1986

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“Fly Fishing Fantastique” signed and remarqued by MFW.

This Print was given to the Gulf Coast Conservation Association in 1986.  The organization is now known as the Coastal Conservation Association, located in Orlando Florida.  A custom fishing rod artist named Ed Rea, owner of Big Ed’s Custom Rods in Tom’s River, New Jersey found this for sale at a Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store for $25.

This is the “Remarque and signature”  NICE!

The really cool thing about this is the guy who picked this up and HIS Artistry:

Donned with real rattlesnake skin and abalone grips, these rods are true artwork in of themselves.  Ed Rea creates these masterpieces by hand.  Astonishingly he bought the Millard Wells Print to decorate his workshop not knowing that Dad was a fly-fisherman himself, or that that Dad has had so much to do with fishing through his work as a Great American Artist.

This is Ed Rea with his favorite catch of the day, photographed by his wife.  A close inspection of the beautiful artistry of these custom rods is a testimony to what love of a sport can give birth to.   As Millard Wells’ Artwork above shows his love of the sport of fishing and his love of painting, Ed’s rods capture the same love in the workmanship of his custom fishing rods.

Although Ed does not have a store, you can reach him at (908) 783-3549.

On behalf of and our family and our father I want to thank Ed Rea for sharing his “find” of the one-of-a-kind print of “Fly Fishing Fantastique,” which is a testimony in itself of the generosity and care that our father has for the environment, and for all the people he is so close to who have enjoyed fishing and water sports all over the Gulf Coast since he moved to the Florida Keys in 1968.  I’m also grateful to Ed for sharing his own works of art.  Thanks Ed, for this and for giving me permission to put you on Millard Wells’ site.  Please let us know as soon as you have a website.  If you need someone to make one up for you, our site creator, Mary Griffin may be able to help you if you don’t have anyone as yet.  Her number is (305) 393-1562.

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