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Jesse’s Birthday Card

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Jesse BD Card (1) of four

This is “One of Four” of Jesse’s Birthday card with Dad showing Jesse how to catch Redfish, Bonefish, Tarpon, and how the Guide poles the boat through the water to find the fish. Just look at those colors. The shirt the fisherman (Dad) is wearing I brought home with me the last trip I made to the Keys in July. I see Dad painted even the reflection of that shirt in the water there….

This painting is about original size, too. It’s very small and look at all the details…….

Jesse BD Card (2) of four

Check out the crab and the shadows and how Dad was showing Jesse how to fish, what they eat and where to find them.

Jesse BD Card (3) of four

Check out the little shrimp and how all these fish paintings show above and below the water.

Jesse BD card (4) of four

I wish I knew what year this was, but it was at least before our Mom, Jeanne Wells passed away because she was furious with me for cutting this fold-out card (which was so cool) apart so I could frame it.   Now that I’ve scanned it Jesse can hang it up (it’s all framed) in his house (which is about 7 or 8 houses down the street from his father and I).

Jesse BD card (0) of four

 This was on the back of the last painting.  This is Dad’s personal note to Jesse.  Jesse used to draw “pitchers” for his Grandpa too.

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