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Everglades Forever

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Everglades Forever - Julie Pope

“Everglades Forever”

Millard and Jeanne gave this painting to Julie and I when we were married. It was titled “Everglades Forever.”

Many years later, I sponsored a massive Everglades restoration bill when I was in the Senate. It was a significant enough piece of legislation that it needed a name, so when I was home one weekend I was sitting on my sofa on Saturday morning drinking my coffee and reflecting on the legislative battle I’d been through. By now I was relatively certain it would pass, and so I began thinking of an appropriate name. I looked up and saw the painting hanging over our fireplace, and I received my answer. I went back to Tallahassee on Monday and that week sponsored an amendment naming the bill the “Everglades Forever Act.” The amendment passed, and to this day that’s what the legislation is called.

Rick Dantzler

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